The Bar/Club area
Our throw back post is Elefest which is an initiative by The game rangers international and is sponsored by WWF Zambia. The event happened this year in Lusaka, at Gymkhana grounds in Lusaka's show grounds. The festival is all about conserving wildlife in Zambia and aims to not only entertain with music but educate with their different stands with information on endangered wildlife.
This year the event was held on 14th May and it had an amazing line up of musicians, established and up and coming, Wezi, Mumba Yachi, Chembo and James Sakala and many more...


The shelters at the event

Decor <3

Cupcake glory

Musicians (by Mpact Visuals)


James Sakala and the Elect band (by Mpact Visuals)
 Chembo and her guitarist Stanley  (by Mpact Visuals)
 Maureen Lilanda and Band (by Mpact Visuals)
 Wezi and the Heartsounders (by Mpact Visuals)
 Mumba Yachi (by Mpact Visuals)
Spectacular belly danceing crew (by Mpact Visuals)
Photo Credit: AGC and our Parteners M-pact Visuals 
We absolutely loved the experience, we ate borewor hot dogs, burgers, cupcakes, icecream and we drank Flying fish and applauded Wezi, vibed with Chembo, partied with James and were in awe of Mumba Yachi! We cannot wait for the next one!! 
The African Gypsy