Gypsy x Lusaka City Centre


Photography by C.L
I took these photographs on a random day when my boyfriend and I were doing our usual gallivant in Lusaka town. I borrowed his camera and he actually features in this slightly journalistic photo post. I'm fascinated by city life, primarily African city life. I love vibrancy of the women and men at work, the hustle and bustle. I love colours of Lusaka town centre, I even love the noise, the bus conductors and street boys yelling. There's a freedom in the way they live, but there is also a backstory and a pain that I feel I only witnessed due to my understanding of characters and my fascination with people beyond the presented image.
While I was capturing the city I also saw a lot of pain, most of which I did not want to capture, I'm not a photographer and I feel at times the lack of sympathy the world has made us develop in order to capture other people's pain is abysmal. I did capture the very last one though, a woman begging for some money, she had a young child beside her. These are the very harsh realities of a lot of cities around the world, and in Lusaka this sight is very prevalent.
To end the year with these photos is very significant for me. I spent 9 months in 2014 in  Zambia, for the very time as an adult I spent a really long time working and living and experiencing this city, the truths it has and stories, in the most honest way, for the first time in ten years. I captured moments as much as I could, I collaborated with Sipho M Photography on several really fun projects like the Barefeet Festival  post and Lake of Stars Festival post and  they were all incredible events to have been a part of.
This year will be another year of growth, I will bring lots of collaborations, exciting new additions to the blog, and just continue travelling and documenting my travels, maybe I will start showing my face too! Happy new year to you all, may it bring you success and happiness and positivity!
The African Gypsy