Gypsy in Africa: Livingstone

The Victoria Falls Bridge (its sorta famous you know!)
I went to Livingstone twice in November, two consecutive weekends to be exact. The first time was the one that gave birth to the pictures and experiences shared on this blog while the second one was to attend a funeral for a cousin so dear to my heart who passed on (R.I.P S.L). My father's side of the family are based in this town, Livingstone, Zambia's Tourist Capital and this was actually my first time there since I was 7 years old. I will start by showing you guys where I stayed while in town for the weekend.
The pool area
A Dope idea for adding colour to your furniture at the lounge area

Some more super dope decor ideas at the lounge area, African masks hanging by the book shelf <3
All the rooms were in this colour too!! which I loved as the green surroundings were well complimented by it
I don't know if you can see the dancing men on top of this wash up area? CUTE!!
Braii/bbq and communal kitchen area on the left, which proved useful
Promise this has not turned into a decor blog but how beautiful CHITENGE/ANKARA curtains!!!
We arrived really late on the first Friday of November and we stayed at the beautifully decorated and probably a place I would stay over and over again, LIVINSTONE BACKPACKERS. Now I know we were not actually backpacking but it was so pretty and the atmosphere was awesome!! Actually met some British people and some Australians and some people who come from the same country as Lionel Messi (lol I can't remember the name for some reason)! It's a pretty cheap place to stay and that's what made it ideal for us. I should point out I was treated to this entire weekend and spent Zero kwacha! God is good! I loved how the surroundings were so beautiful and green, there was a wall climbing area too. As soon as we arrived  we started off with a visit to a popular club in livingstone and a concert nearby which had my fave new Zambian artist AFUNIKA performing my song "Efyo chalila emsina kutekateka abakashan kumwesu" (It's a big party at our place with women with flexible waists)- closest translation but you lose so much meaning when you translate into English(Least fave language for meaning loss)
A blurry shot of the man in action AFUNIKA and his sexual (not sexy) dancer
I took this pic simply because this building reminds me of pix of Cuba I've seen online
The very clean streets of Livingstone (I was impressed)
A caption saying no caption needed
Knife bridge, the falls is beneath your feet, strange
A gold David Livingstone? with the sun hitting his face? I mean..FAVE SHOT!!
This was my first time ever going to the VICTORIA FALLS one of the seven wonders of the world!! I was just disappointed that it was during it's dry period but I have to state that I have never felt more like THERE IS A GOD than when I saw the magnitude and amazingness of this piece of the Earth! I stood for a while and I felt God's presence I kid you not. I cannot imagine how much more amplified these feelings would have been had I been there while it was all filled up with water during the rainy/wet season! I even enjoyed just looking at the bloody thing and not doing anything else. The little man up there played sweet music on the xylophone which one day I will be able to play as well! lol.
The following photographs are just some random shots from the beautiful weekend I had back in November...
So this is meant to be 'The Last supper and the guy in the middle is supposed to Jesus. Yes. Thats all
These were the yummiest and cheapest pineapples EVER!!! we put one in the fridge at a restaurant and had them for dessert!
Women walking past mango trees which seem to EVERYWHERE in Livingstone, I mean Zambia has a lot of them but Livingstone had a lot of them and they had fruit! Lots of it!!
A very happy man who was part of a promotions troupe encouraging people to register their sim cards. too awesome!
A friend to the Gypsy who fell in love with a wooden statue. I need not continue elaborating
I really enjoyed my weekend, ate some mangoes as well but it was a shame to go back the very next weekend to mourn but there is a time for everything and that was the time for that. I have become even more aware that life should not be lived in tomorrow or yesterday but NOW AND TODAY!! Hug your family or tell them you love them EVERYDAY and do the things you love! Do not waste any time doing what doesn't make you feel ALIVE!!
Looking into the future and it's magnificence and not behind! [I LOVE THIS SHOT OF THE GYPSY]
The African Gypsy