GypsyEvents: Barefeet Theatre Festival Finale 2013

Amazing Zambian Singer Pompi!! He ministered!! (photo by Linda Mulenga Nsunge)

(photo by Linda Mulenga Nsunge)

Dancing away (photo by Linda Mulenga Nsunge)
The Mwale sisters
Throwing it down (photo by Linda Mulenga Nsunge)
(photo by Linda Mulenga Nsunge)

Two lovely festival attendees and friends to the gypsy (photo by Linda Mulenga Nsunge)

This is how gypsies get down!!!!! (photograph taken by Lian of Lily's pepelia)
I know it is rather strange to only document the finale of an entire week of activities, most of which I attended, one which I participated in and thoroughly enjoyed! The whole week began with a beautiful Launch at Intercontinental Hotel here in Lusaka and I was honoured to have been invited.
I would like to say as a gypsy, we enjoy music so much and we take every opporunity we can to see it live and dance away (which I did to my limits with my friends and favourite zed creatives incl the amazing Mazuba of The Fest gurus) I would like to say in my life time I never thought I would ever see Anna Mwale and for this I would like to thank Barefeet Theatre you guys don't know what a moment that was for me! I was also sooo glad to see all the other performers for the first time, Pompi, Mutinta, The Mwale sisters, Hope Masike and the super creative Randy Maclaren who had us all singing and I am still singing his song "Goddess, beautiful are an empress" Such a talented poet and musician!
I am also grateful to logic for telling me to wear my most comfy gypsy sandals and comfy jeans because I danced he night away!!Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou! It was the best way to end August!
Apologies to all the gypsies for not being able to post more pictures of the other events, experiencing technical difficulties but who knows, being a gypsy is all about spontaneity so I might just post some more at a later date. A special Thankyou to Mulenga for providing me with all these amazing shots! You are so talented!! And my first collaborator on this blog I adore you! Check her twitter y'all!!
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