Wrexham: St Giles Cathedral ( Part 2)

The use of colour and the clarity of the stories is incredible!!

This is a more close up picture of one of the stained glass windows, I was told the little wheat sheaf on the left symbolises the brand and that these are the most expensive stained glass windows in the world! amazin
When you walk into the Cathedral, there's a lot to look at that literally leaves you breathless, but I am convinced nothing is as breath-taking as the beautiful and superbly crafted stained glass windows. Not only that but they aren't just beautiful for no reason as they have stories as well as messages painted on them. You would never This that but there's names and images of saints as well people who were in the army at the time. In fact my tour guide has his name on one of them (No he is not from 1500s) One of his ancestors' name is on it, now that is COOL! There's a stained glass window right at the front of the church which I didn't photograph but it actually has the image of St Giles who the Cathedral is named after. With this visit the question I asked myself was "What is a city/town/country without it's history?" that's what makes it rich and that's what depth in my opinion. The stained glass windows were definitely my favourite feature in the church, as well as the tiny angels on the ceiling, amazing detail, when or if you are ever in Wrexham, North Wales be sure to pay it a visit yourself its not situated right in the town centre.
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