Gypsy in Africa: Kabwata Cultural Village

Millenium bus station in Lusaka Town Center

 I'm in Zambia right now, I've been back home for just over 3 weeks now. I'm posted up in Lusaka which is the capital city of the land. I decided to make my first post in Zambia about just giving you just a little taste of the town itself as I will begin making more specific posts in the coming weeks. The above picture is actually one of my favourites that I took earlier this week while gallivanting around town center. I usually take the bus to town or sometimes (very rarely) a cab but I feel on a limited gypsy budget that is not always practical and also being a gypsy we don't exactly like owning cars.
Lusaka traffic starts around 4pm and it is no joke

some colourful shops
 I have to say one of the most amazing things and interesting things about Lusaka is it is a capital city through and through; with its expensive transport and food (depending on where you eat). I do however love how easy it is to capture a beautiful still! I mean look at the colours of those shops, even with my little point and shoot it is impossible to make them look even a little bad. That's one of the most amazing things about Zambia, there is ALWAYS something interesting to shoot and write about. It is a photographer, writer and just artist in general's dream. It is also just a dream place to live in my opinion. Zambians are the most friendly people you will ever meet
consumerism is a global disease and the parasites in Lusaka are quite obvious
 The one thing I feel hasn't changed between being in Wales and being in Zambia is the consumerist culture that we are all possessed with. The other thing is there are a lot of providers for this culture to continue and this is also very obvious as you go around Lusaka. From the traffic lights to the pavements there is always somebody selling something you didn't want but feel you will need once you lay your eyes upon it. More on this in a later post.

a random area

Leaving the capital city?

more consumerism. BUY BUY BUY!!!

A junction somewhere in town.
 I feel great being home, living this gypsy life still has its down sides to be honest, but a woman has to do what she has to do. I promise you, you will want to be glued to this blog and you may want to bookmark it as it will be your number one stop for all things Zambia. Lusaka is one of my favourite places on Earth and you will soon see why,
The African Gypsy