Wrexham: Print Exhibition

The entrance to the gallery located within the Wrexham Library

Print 1. I forgot to take note of the Artist's name for this piece! oops!

Print 2. 'Futago Kannon/ Twin goddesses of Mercy' By Yuji Hiratsuka, USA
Print 3. 'Untitled' by Sander Schoonbeek, Scotland.
Print 4. 'Three Graces: All that the floods had left them' by John Abell, Wales.

I Loved this exhibition! I was really impressed with how diverse the prints were from air brush on screen print to wood cut to intaglio pieces. But I was not only impressed by that, I was even more impressed by the fact that the gallery sort out artists from several different countries! Many props and snaps to the curator for this! These [prints appearing on the blog] were my favourite in the whole exhibition. I especially loved the pieces by Welsh artist John Abell, woodcut printing is NOT an easy process (I would know this because I did art for 5years for GCSE and A-level) and the amount of detail and story in the print is incredible. But I also loved the screen print and air brushed piece by the Scottish Artist Sander Schoonbeek, I think what sold me with that one is how amazing it would look hanging in the living room of my first apartment, absolutely love the colours and old school Datsun as the subject. If you are in the Wrexham area the exhibition is on until the 8th of June so you should definitely make an effort to go an have a look!

God bless,
The African Gypsy