Gypsy in Africa: Journey to the East

on the bus, En route!!
The Luangwa River
The Luangwa River

Hello Gypsies ,
It has been a very long time indeed since my last post, I hope you are all well and enjoying the 3rd quarter of the year. I am still in Zambia and I must say as challenging as it is at times, I am enjoying the education I am receiving in the school of life! So at the very end of September I went on an adventure, packed my little suitcase and hand bag, went to Inter-City bus terminus and got me a ticket to Petauke in the Eastern part of Zambia, a short 6hour journey from the capital city. Along the way I was fully entertained by the scenery of various mountains, hills, school children walking along the Great East Road located villages as well as the crying babies on the bus (They were my favourite part!! NOT). I only stayed in Petauke for five days but I am glad this Gypsy got to see the Grand Queen (Grandma) and other family members whom I hold dear to my heart. The most interesting this about the place is, in spite of sparing modernity that can be seen when you arrive, there is still a very slow pace to life which I enjoy so much, in comparison to the fast paced life in Lusaka.
One of the things I enjoyed during my stay were the conversations I would have with my grandmother, ranging from men to how to be a woman, the way the world works, cooking, the difference between now and when she was a young woman etc. every gypsy can use a little more knowledge along her travels, and who is wiser than the Grand Queen?! I also enjoyed watching football in the huge football field right next to my granz house. This was more than just some people playing for money, as you will see in the photographs below these matches are huge social gatherings, with a lot of people from around Petauke showing up to not only enjoy the game but to spend time and "hangout"with their friends and family while enjoying some freeze eats (frozen flavoured drink).
A few men on their bicycles and motor bikes watching the game, the colour in this photograph!!!
The left hand side of the pitch, I wish I had a beautiful SLR for these shot though!
Bicycles EVERYWHERE!!!
Bicycles are the most common mode of transport in the Eastern Province. So the crazy number of bicycles displayed in the pictures shouldn't come as surprise to anyone who is aware of this fact. What really intrigues me is the way in which people use them. I have legit seen an entire family on one bicycle and it is both worrying and funny.
MY FAVOURITE PICTURE!!! Everything works in this...once again...Need an SLR
As a gypsy, I am naturally interested in people. I find them so fascinating and believe it or not, most of the pictures with individuals less than 3 in them, I actually spoke to the person/people for a minute or two prior to taking their photograph. People have such amazing stories, people from all over the world, especially the really young and the really old, they are my favourite people. The following are just a few of my other kind of favourite photographs...
The sassy sisters, I took two more photographs of this adorable two-some after they practically told me to. I love authoritative little women!
I will never forget this man stopping for me when he saw me try to take a picture of him and his ox cart. I just thought it was cool that they still use ox cart. How very green of him (I have a sense of humour, you are welcome)
I LOVE LOVE THIS! Look at her "You cant have none of this"look. But my fave is the caption on the guys shirt which is why this photo exists "One Family, One Toilet"
My favourite of all the photos I took at Petauke market!
Luangwa has many many cheap gifts you can take back to your family as souvenirs. I got some myself
The Grand Queen!! I hope you don't mind but I like this pic just the way it is (all complaints can be emailed to thegypsylives.whocares lol)
The Gypsy walk out!!
I really enjoyed my stay in Petauke. I enjoyed the rest and the fresh air (though to be honest it was super windy and dusty the entirety of my stay). It costs K130 for a one way bus ticket to Petauke so don't be lazy Go out there and explore, plus there are a lot of good lodges if you don't have family there, or you can stay with my gran (I am totally joking! lol)! My family is number one therefore I will not hesitate to go back and see them again and eat even more traditional Zambian food than I did during this stay. Travel is knowledge, and knowledge is power AND I intend to be the most powerful woman in the world very soon!!!
The African, Gypsy