Wrexham: St Giles Cathedral (Part 1)


See that man by the black car? He is John and He is the one who gave me all the information I needed yesterday and wa amazingly helpful
Regarded as the 7th Wonder of Wales, St Giles has been around since the 16th Century, while the oldest part of the church can be traced to as far back as the 12th Century! How crazy is that?! I absolutely love this cathedral, however I had never looked at it in as much detail nor had I known much of its very rich history, enveloped in its beautiful statues, sculptors, graves and paintings as much as I learnt today with the help of the bell ringer/caretaker who was an absolute blessing to have had today, I learnt an intense amount that I couldn't disclose half of it on this blog due to the sheer amount of words I would rake up. This blog post will be full of beautiful and very large photographs, however I do wish I had a better camera as I feel I didn't capture even half of this beauty!
Unmatched craftsmanship! Look at the Mini statues
The Isle in front of you as you walk in, it was bright enough outside to highlight the beautiful stained glass window

The second isle on your right hand side when you walk into the building

This wall is where the church used to end then they destroyed it to extend it, the painting is depicting heaven on the right had side (look closely you'll see a waterfall) and hell is on the right hand side (you can see red fire if you look closely)

I cannot quite remember what this sculpture was about but He mentioned it was dedicated to somebody who lived in Llangollen a little town on the outskirts of wrexham

This statue has Jesus in the middle and the apostles besides him. On the far right is John who (as I was told) is always represented by or has an eagle next to him

I'm not sure how visible this is but its a pig with its piglets sucking from it. This was so random and actually quite comical, the craftsmen had some fun of their own back in the day it seems
Even the ceiling was a spectacle, lots of angels covered it with trumpets and instruments in their hands. I was just in awe to be honest, wish you could see it clearer
This Court of Arms and...

...Painting of a harpist (by a painter whose name escapes me) where gifts from Elihu Yale to the Cathedral

The two photographs are actually of a grave (duh!) and this is where the founder of YALE UNIVERSITY in America was buried back in the year 1721 
I found it incredibly interesting that such an Iconic figure in World History, The founder of one of the most prestigious universities in the world, is buried in this small town of Wrexham and most people are probably completely clueless, as I was prior to today's visit. I feel that after living in Wales for 10 years that maybe it's time somebody exposed Wrexham's beauty and shared it with the world, or simply with whoever takes some time to read this publication. I love learning about the history of different places and I enjoy visiting old building etc. I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did creating it, Part with Stained glass windows coming up!!!
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