Well well well looker here another new blog in the blogosphere, just what the world needed! Do not be deterred by the mild sarcasm in that sentence, this is exactly what the world needs in my opinion so I'm giving it to you. A little introduction; I am but a young Gypsy in an unknown location, moving around from town to town  and sometimes country to country because I am more uncomfortable with living in the same place for too long than I am with leaving places frequently. I blame this on my upbringing of course.

This is my first post on this brand new blogging adventure I'm taking myself on. I previously had a "Fashion/Lifestyle" blog on which I deleted after finally realising I wasn't interested in talking about myself and my outfits 365days a year. This change mainly occurred when I realised 2/3 months ago that I should probably blog about what I really enjoy doing in my "free time" (over use of speech marks, excuse me). I love art, sustainable fashion, photography, travelling, Learning about different cultures, visiting art galleries, going to the theatre etc. 

The blog name originated via Skype a skype conversation when a friend of mine highlighted how much of a nomad I am, he proceeded to call me a "Gypsy" and me being on a continual search of "cool" a light bulb went off and that's how I named this blog 'The African Gypsy'. 

 Let's go on an adventure together and get excited because it will be worth reading so don't forget to book mark it!

God bless,
The African Gypsy